Toilet Partitions: Baked Enamel, Plastic Laminate, Solid Phenolic Core (SPC), Solid Plastic (HDP), Fiberglass Reinforced FRP, Solid Surface,Color-thru Phenolic, Sierra, Granite, Marble, Corian, and Stainless Steel

Washroom Accessories: Stainless Steel, Enamel, Powder Coated, Metallic, Plastic & Nylon, Hospital Cubicle Track, Curtains and Hooks

Lockers: Metal, Solid Phenolic Core (SPC), Solid Plastic (HDP), Plastic Laminate, and Wood

Mailboxes: Commercial and Residential

Fire Protection: Fire extinguishers and cabinets

Ceiling Hung Toilet Partitions

We provide toilet partitions from the following toilet compartment  manufacturers:

General Partitions, Comtec/Capital/Santana Partitions, Hadrian, Knickerbocker, Mills Partitions, Comres, All American, Global, Flush Metal, Legacy Partitions, Ampco, and Partitions Systems

Bathroom Accessories


We provide bathroom accessories from the following bathroom accessory manufacturers:

American Infant Care, American Pride, American Specialties, Bobrick, Bradley, Brey-Krause, Brocar, C.D. Sparling, Franklin Brass, Gamco,  Haffle, Harney, Hewi, Koala, JBJ, Jensen,  Meek Mfg., Palmer Fixtures, San Jamar,  Rubbermaid, Taymor, Tubular Specialties and United Receptacles

Metal Lockers and Bench

We provide lockers from the following locker manufacturers:

Hallowell, Hollman, Lenox, List Industries, Penco, Treeforms, Classic Woodworking, ASI Solutions, and The Young Group

Commerical & Residential Mailboxes



We provide mailboxes  from the following manufacturers:

Bommer Industries, Jensen, and Salsbury Industries

Access Panels

We provide access doors from the following manufacturers: Acudor, and Karp

Cubicle Track For Hospitals and Doctors Offices

We carry cubicle track from Grant Hardware (Salsbury Industries) and Tubular Specialties Mfg.

We also provide many other specialty items from the following manufacturers:   American Floor Products, Bally Block,  Craft Diston, Emco Industries, Markar Products,  Sentry, and S. Parker Hardware